Warranty and Technical Support

What should I do if I'm having technical problems with my product?
For technical assistance with computers/mobile devices, please contact the Technical Support or Warranty Support number found in the Owners Guide or Warranty Card. For your convenience, we have also included a list of manufactures technical support phone numbers below:

  • Dell Tech Support 800-624-9896
  • Dell Support (Spanish) 877-839-5123
  • Gateway Tech Support 800-846-2301
  • IBM 800-426-7378
  • Apple 800-275-2273
  • Sony 800-476-6972
  • Canon 800-423-2366
  • Palm One 813-313-4913
  • Kodak 800-235-6325
  • Lexmark 800-LEXMARK
  • Epson 800-965-3585
  • Microsoft Xbox 800-4MY-XBOX

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What does my SquareTrade warranty cover?

The SquareTrade warranty covers mechanical or electrical failures that occur during normal use. You get 100% parts and labor coverage with zero deductibles. SquareTrade warranties also cover certain issues that most manufacturers do not, such as failures caused by power surges. Drops, spills, and other accidents are covered if you purchase the Accidental Protection Plan (APP) which is included in the extended coverage warranty for certain items. APP is only available on portable electronic items only such as laptops, tablets, cellphones, and MP3 players; a $50 deductible does apply to accidental damage claims on cell phones. All other items with APP are not subject to deductibles.The warranty does not cover pre-existing conditions or issues that occur in the first 60 days after purchasing your item. SquareTrade warranties also do not cover loss, theft, abuse, negligence, or intentional damage.

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What is not covered under my SquareTrade warranty:

Items and issues your warranty does not cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Accidental damage
  • Damage from misuse, negligence, loss or theft, or failure to perform proper maintenance
  • Cosmetic damage to any non-operating parts which does not affect the functionality of the item
  • Television, monitor, and/or projector screen imperfections, including burn-in and dead pixels (unless such defects exceed the manufacturer's criteria for acceptable dead or stuck pixels)
  • Consumable items such as light bulbs or lamps, fuses, and batteries
  • Accessories, including chargers and extension cables
  • Software issues or data, including viruses, spyware, lost or corrupted data or programs, etc.
  • Products intended for heavy commercial or industrial use.
  • Dead-on-arrival (DOA) items, or items that fail within any exclusionary period

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When does my SquareTrade coverage begin?

Squaretrade warranty coverage begins the date your item is received.

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Does my SquareTrade warranty replace my manufacturer's warranty?
Because your SquareTrade warranty begins the date you receive your purchase, it may overlap with the one-year limited manufacturer's warranty that is included with most of the products we offer. However, SquareTrade is your single point of contact for all of your warranty needs. If you have any issues with your purchase that require warranty use, please contact SquareTrade.

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What makes a SquareTrade warranty unique?

The SquareTrade warranty has some unique features that other extended warranties don't:

  • You deal exclusively with SquareTrade if you need to make a claim, once any manufacturer's warranty has expired. No calling a third party to file your claim.
  • There are no deductibles for repairs at any point in your warranty term, with the exception of accidental damage claims on cell phones only.
  • SquareTrade offers a unique 5 Day Service Guarantee. They will complete your repair or reimbursement within 5 business days of receiving your item. If not, you can ask for a refund of the warranty purchase price, and they will still continue your coverage and complete the repairs.
  • At time of claim, SquareTrade will give you a pre-paid shipping label. For high value items like laptops, cameras and GPS, they will also give you a free shipping box to keep your item safe. Larger items like 40" and larger televisions and major appliances may get free in-home service.
  • Additional coverage beyond what the manufacturer's limited warranty coverage is offered. Accident Protection Plans can be purchased for many items such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, and MP3 players as part of our extended warranty option.

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How can I contact and file a claim with SquareTrade?

To make filing a claim as easy as possible we've given you the control to begin this process at your convenience.

To access your SquareTrade warranty plans to file a claim, simply:

  • Click here to sign in (or visit https://www.squaretrade.com/pages/my-warranty-view-all)
  • Log in using your email and password. If this is your first time registering or you've forgotten your password, click "Create a Login" and follow the directions.
  • Click on "Manage My Warranties".
  • Under "Active Warranties" locate and click on the warranty you wish to file a claim on.
  • Next, click on "File/Manage My Claim" located under the heading "Quick Links" on the right.
  • Follow the on screen prompts. SquareTrade's enhanced self-service portal now allows you to upload photos, receipts, complete registrations and file a claim online in a seamless experience with zero waiting time.

Online you will also find a convenient Callback Widget where you are able to provide your phone number to receive a call back from a SquareTrade specialist. No more waiting on the phone!

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How can I view and manage all of my SquareTrade warranties and claims requests?
All of your SquareTrade warranties and claims requests are now in one place where you can manage them 24/7. Access them at www.SquareTrade.com.

Go to the "My Warranties" tab and select "Manage my Warranties." Your active warranties will appear, and you can click on any individual warranty for more information about that specific warranty.

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Is it necessary to register my product or warranty with Squaretrade?
No, SquareTrade does not require that you register your product or their warranty prior to filing a claim. However, it is helpful to register on SquareTrade's "My Warranties" self-service portal to file claims at your convenience and to manage your claims requests online.

Transferring your warranty to another party can also be done at your convenience by using the "My Warranties" feature.

You may do both by access SquareTrade's website at www.SquareTrade.com. Go to the "My Warranties" tab and select "Manage my Warranties." Your active warranties will appear, and you can click on any individual warranty for more information about that specific warranty. Once you have selected a specific, active warranty, use the options under the heading "Quick Links" to transfer your warranty to someone else or file a claim.

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