Cancellations and Returns


What is Purchasing Power's Return Policy?

Our return policy is:

Most items in new, unused condition (i.e., manufacturer seal is not broken) can be returned within thirty (30) days of delivery for a full credit or refund, excluding shipping fees.

Freight items are typically non-returnable. Always thoroughly inspect the product upon arrival. Open all boxes, remove the packaging and take extra care to inspect the product. If the unit is damaged or if the packaging is significantly damaged, please refuse shipment, notate the damage on the packing slip or Bill of Lading and contact us immediately so that we may arrange a replacement item for you.

Returned items must be received by us within 30-days to avoid being recharged the full price (including shipping) of the unreturned item.

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Why can't I return an item after I open it?

Purchasing Power does not sell used, refurbished or “open box” items. If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us immediately for assistance with a replacement.

There are times when you may want to return an item for reasons other than damages or defects. In those instances, for the item to be eligible for a refund (minus shipping costs), it needs to be unopened with the manufacturer seal still intact.

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What is a “manufacturer’s seal”?

We sell a variety of items with different types of seals. The most common examples of seals and some products that contain that type of seal are listed here.

  • Cellophane Wrapper
    • Video Games and DVDs
    • Fragrance
    • Personal Care (i.e. electric toothbrush)
  • Plastic Wrap
    • Mobile Phones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Computers
    • Electronic Accessories (i.e. tablet case)
  • Blister Pack
    • Smart Watches
    • Headphones
    • TVs
    • Game Controllers
  • Sealed Plastic Bag
    • Jewelry
    • Handbags and Luggage
    • Internal Components (i.e. an accessory pack for a vacuum cleaner)
    • Computer Accessories (i.e. cables)

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How do I make sure I don’t break the manufacturer’s seal?

Before purchasing, review the product description and specifications thoroughly for key information (measurements, color, items included, etc.).

Review the OUTSIDE of the box to make sure it matches what you ordered. There may also be a detailed packing slip included with your shipment that you can review before opening.

If it is an item commonly available in a physical retail store, you might want to try it out before making a purchase with us.

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How do I know if I broke the manufacturer’s seal?

If you have had direct contact with the actual product, you have broken the manufacturer’s seal, which makes the item non-returnable. Please see the examples, below.

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What if I change my mind after I've placed my order and want something different?

If you need to cancel an order before it has been processed, you can cancel online by accessing your ‘My Account' page.

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What is Online Return?

This is a self-service process that allows customers to return products back to Purchasing Power.

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How does the Online Return process work?

Log into Purchasing Power and go to 'My Account.' Next, select the order you would like to return or have replaced, and select the 'return item' box to receive a pre-paid UPS label that you will print and affix to the box with the product you are returning.

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How soon will I receive my credit?

Once your package is dropped off at any UPS Store, Drop Box, Authorized Shipping Outlet or Access Point, you can expect to see a credit on your account statement within 8 business days. Click here to find the UPS locations nearest you.

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How soon will my item be replaced?

A replacement order will be created for the exact same item you received. This order will not be processed until UPS provides tracking information for the original item you are returning. The replacement order will have the same expected shipping time as the original item.

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Can I reprint the return label?

Yes. The label will be available for 30 days from the shipping date. After 30 days, please contact our Customer Care department for assistance.

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Can I return an item that was delivered to me by a freight carrier?

Unfortunately not. Our Online Returns process is only for non-freight items. For damaged or defective freight items, please contact our Customer Care department for assistance.

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What if I change my mind and decide not to return the item after I have already printed the label?

You do not have to do anything. The label expires in 30-days and the return is automatically cancelled.

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