As a public sector employer, you’re being challenged to address your employees’ benefits needs while your budget and access to resources are dwindling. At the same time, your employees’ needs are becoming increasingly complex, particularly when it comes to their financial health.

decreased resources and budgets and increased employee needs
They need access to products and services that help them meet their personal and professional goals, but they can’t always turn to traditional financing options. That’s where Purchasing Power comes in.

Our industry-leading employee purchase program provides a responsible, convenient way to access the products and services they need, all through the ease of payroll allotment. 

Enjoy the advantages without additional administration

Military and Federal Government employees are already eligible to participate in Purchasing Power. They only need to complete a simple registration process, and they’re ready to shop. Because they self-manage their payments through your existing payroll allotment, you enjoy the benefits of reducing their financial stress without additional payroll administration.
This is a very good program especially for those of us that have credit issues for whatever reason and cannot afford to pay in full at one time. The value for the product & warranty is great.

Federal Government employee, September 2014