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Purchasing Power lets you have the phone you want on your budget. Shop iPhones, Androids, Samsung, and phone accessories all in one place. Buy now and pay later on your next smartphone with low monthly payments and no hidden fees or credit checks.


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Get the latest Samsungs, Nokias, and more with Purchasing Power. Get a no-contract or unlocked phone and choose from dozens of different accessories to fit your budget and style.


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What more options? Consider an unlocked cell phone. You can connect them with any network provider and have the phone you want. Whether it's an Apple or Android, you'll get the flexibility you need through Purchasing Power.


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Need a landline? Get the best of the best with our landline offerings at Purchasing Power. With the capability of hands-free conversations and full integration with your current cellphone, home phones have never been more powerful.


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Get a brand new phone case, Bluetooth headset, and other accessories. Charging stations, charging clocks, screen protectors, cables, vent mount kits and more are available at Purchasing Power.

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