Since 2001 Purchasing Power has emplowered hard-working people with the means to obtain products and services that improve the quality of their lives. We partner with community organizations, state employee associations, and professional associations that serve the military and public sector, to provide value-added benefits to members and their families. It’s our way of living up to our purpose of providing A Better Way To Buy™ and thanking you for serving our country and communities.   

Your association has provided you with A Better Way To Buy™

• Shop thousands of brand name products for your home and lifestyle, and to help support your professional goals.

• Your job is your credit. Simply meet our minimum eligibility criteria to participate.

• Products are delivered promptly. White-glove delivery service available on many items.

• Payments are automatically deducted from your paycheck or bank account over 12 months.

• Budgeting is easy with responsible spending limits based on salary and tenure.

To particpate in Purchasing Power you must meet a few eligibility requirements, including minimum age, salary, and tenure. Register or Log In to see the eligibility requirements for your sponsoring organization.


This is such a wonderful program! It makes shopping easier for those that have a limited income.

Gerrita, Association Member, September 2014


Premium products and services delivered upfront

We make buying from us easy and convenient, one click at a time. Our online shopping experience is very similar to what you’ve come to expect from your favorite online retailers, but with the added value of paying over time, with zero-interest financing.

Once your order is processed, your items will be delivered promptly to your door and your automated payments start to be deducted.

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Consumer Products

Brand name consumer products including computers, electronics, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, fitness equipment and more!


Learning Solutions

Accredited, affordable online education services including SAT/ACT preparation, college courses, professional certifications, high school diploma, grades 5-12 student tutoring.


Vacation Packages

Take a break! With Purchasing Power Vacation Packages, it is easy to plan and budget for your next national or international vacation or honeymoon.


Financial Wellness

We provide tools that educate and empower our customers to take control of their finance future.

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