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Purchasing Power was founded on the belief that we could empower people and provide the means for them to obtain the small (and sometimes big!) things that improve the quality of their lives.

From Employee Purchase to Employee Purpose

We are the leading specialty e-retailer offering consumer products and online education services through easy and convenient payment plans. Our customers love us because we make paying for their purchases stress- and hassle-free. They love that there are no credit checks – they are qualified based on their job, and the automatic payments and 12-month payment term empower them to budget and avoid penalty fees and ballooning interest associated with other payment options. Ours is a revolutionary e-commerce experience combined with a completely transparent payment plan for our customers. We give them access to a better life combined with a responsible way to buy.

Our clients agree. Over 99% of our clients stay because of our over 12 years of payroll deduction expertise and our focus on quality customer care. Our program is the leader of its kind in the benefits space. In fact, we are the employee purchase program of choice for Fortune 500 companies and healthcare and government organizations. At the end of the day, we do this because we want to keep their employees and members happy, so they can be engaged and satisfied when they are at work.

The Purchasing Power Promise

We give people a better way to buy.

Purchasing Power was founded with the desire to make purchasing life’s necessities affordable to all American workers. What drives the Purchasing Power team each day is the knowledge that helping someone purchase a computer will allow them to do better in school; assisting somebody with the purchase of a washer and dryer will help them spend more time with their family; and our education program can help customers improve their lives. We aspire to make buying from us easy and convenient, one click at a time.

Our unique solution takes the hassle out of making purchases so our customers can spend more time focusing on other pursuits.

We are transparent. No surprises. Period.

We don’t need to mimic the practices of other companies and write our policies in print so small it makes it difficult for our customers to read. We’re up front and clear about our processes. We let people know who we are and what we do. If we discover that we’re not the best option for one of our customers, then we’re the first to tell them.

We strive to be a great organization to work for and do business with.

We show this by being dedicated to our jobs and treating our customers and coworkers with respect. We are never satisfied unless we exceed our own expectations.

We look for ways to help others. We give back to our community.

We are the community in which we work. Our business is built on making life easier for people and that includes a level of compassion for those in need. We encourage financial literacy in the next generation of workers through our active support of Junior Achievement.

We do what it takes. Always. Our customers say, “Purchasing Power makes it possible."

Making things “possible” for people is something to celebrate. When we go the extra mile and provide our customers with things in life that help them achieve their dreams, we celebrate along with them.


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