Discover an exciting benefit offered by your employer or organization

  • Purchasing Power is the premier purchase program for leading employers and organizations, and the federal government.
  • Shop thousands of premium, brand name products, vacation packages and education services.
  • Your job is your credit. Simply meet our minimum eligibility criteria to participate.
  • Payments are automatically deducted over time from your paycheck.
  • Budgeting is easy with responsible spending limits based on salary and tenure.

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to other financing options

 CashPurchasing PowerCredit card
Pay over timenoyesyes
No credit checkyesyesno
Easy payroll deductionnoyesno
Manageable paymentsnoyesno
No ballooning interestyesyesno
No late feesyesyesno

The price you see is the price you pay

Purchasing Power empowers hard working people with a convenient and responsible way to buy through an automated deduction from your paycheck or bank account.

When you shop through Purchasing Power, the price you see is the price you pay. In addition, you won’t be hit with the ballooning interest or hidden fees that often come with traditional financing programs.

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Premium products and services delivered upfront

We make buying from us easy and convenient, one click at a time. Our online shopping experience is very similar to what you've come to expect from your favorite online retailers, but with the added value of paying over time with zero-interest financing.

Once your order is processed, your items are delivered immediately. Your items are delivered to your door and your automatic payments start to be deducted.

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This is an excellent program. It helps me out especially at Christmas time for those big ticket items that are hard to get in the stores. Purchasing Power allows the process of buying expensive items less stressful. I am very satisfied with the program.

Felicia, Purchasing Power customer since December 2011